Interview: Zoe Lyons On Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins
Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins continus on Sunday 1 October at 9pm on Channel 4. Taking part in the punishing jungle phase of SAS selection - one of the toughest environments faced by Special Forces... more
Taskmaster Interview: Sam Campbell
Why did you sign up to Taskmaster?I don’t know. I didn’t know what it was. I’ve not been allowed to watch it because of my conservatorship. So why did you say yes?I was forced to by my... more
Taskmaster Interview: Susan Wokoma
Why did you want to sign up for Taskmaster?When I was invited I was so flattered, but then the fear started. I wasn’t going to do it because I thought, “I’m not a stand-up.” The only place I’ve ever... more
Taskmaster Interview: Lucy Beaumont
What made you sign up to Taskmaster?The money, really. It’s quite good money. And I must admit, I’ve wanted to do it for ages. I’ve been around so many groups of comics and they sit and talk about... more
Taskmaster Interview: Julian Clary
What made you sign up to Taskmaster?It’s right up my street because it’s relentlessly silly. You never get bored doing it because you don’t know what’s coming next. It’s very clever. Even on studio... more
Taskmaster Interview: Sue Perkins
Did you enjoy making the show?I really did. The innate brilliance of the show is that everybody’s brain works differently. Everybody has a different solution to the same problem. I learned that I... more
Taskmaster Interview: Greg Davies & Alex Horne
We’ve had a few firsts on this series of Taskmaster. One of which is that there was a proposal in the studio!Greg: Aww. There was, and we were there. It made me cry. I actually teared up, genuinely.... more
Alan Carr Talks About New Madcap Quiz Show Picture Slam
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Judge and Interior Design Masters Presenter, funny man Alan Carr hosts Picture Slam, a fun and fast-paced quiz where every question is a picture and every picture is worth cash... more
Andy Parsons Heads Out On Bafflingly Optimistic Tour
Andy Parsons is touring this year with his brand new show, Bafflingly Optimistic. Despite everything that the UK has had to face in recent years, Parsons has managed to find something to be... more
Edinburgh Fringe Rarely Asked Questions – Tim Murray
Introducing Queerty nominated US comedian Tim Murray who brings his spooky debut comedy hour ‘Witches!’ to the Underbelly Dairy Room. The show is a mix of stand-up and original comedy songs about his... more
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