Interview: Kat Sadler On Her New Sitcom Such Brave Girls
When I was growing up an awkward sitcom scene would be a child walking in on their parents together in bed. The first episode of Such Brave Girls takes things a bit further when Josie (played by the... more
Book Review: Leslie F*cking Jones: A Memoir by Leslie Jones
If ever there was someone who has pulled themselves up by their bootstraps it is Leslie F*cking Jones. Saturday Night Live alumni, film actress, basketball player, Christian, survivor of assault,... more
TV Review: Still Up, Apple TV +
Making a comedy about insomnia is a risky business, particularly when it comes to asking reviewers to review it. The easy option would be to say that Still Up is so dull it's the perfect cure for not... more
Review: Juice, BBC Three/BBC iPlayer
Live comedy fans will know Mawaan Rizwan from his madcap music/comedy live shows which mixed rap and riffs about his life and family. TV comedy fans will know Rizwan from his, shall we say,... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Robin Ince, Weapons of Empathy, Gilded Balloon
Robin Ince is well known among his fans for going over his allotted time, but for this show he went in the other direction. He started before his allotted time. I walked in bang on 1pm as is my wont... more
I was so shocked by Martin Urbano's material that it took me a few minutes to get my head around it. Was this an American version of Jerry Sadowitz, pushing the offensiveness envelope as far as it... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Chloe Radcliffe, Cheat, Pleasance Courtyard
New York comedian Chloe Radcliffe calls her show Cheat "a one-woman show but a 29 man show". It's a canny description for an hour in her company in which she dissects and discusses the nature of... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Stuart Goldsmith, Spoilers, Monkey Barrel
As Stuart Goldsmith explains at the start of his latest show, he has done a bit of a handbrake turn this year and is doing a political show. Or to be more precise, a show about climate change. The... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Lachlan Werner, Voices Of Evil Pleasance Courtyard
Just when you think you've seen everything along comes Lachlan Werner. I don't know if he's the world's first queer virgin with a small, squishy witch for a puppet but he's the first one I've... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Alexander Bennett: I Can't Stand the Man, Myself, Gilded Bslloon, Patter Hoose
Alexander Bennett might look OK. Tall, lovely luxuriant hair, assertive speaking voice. But as the canny title of his show suggests, he is not happy about himself. And he wants to tell you about it... more
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