Edinburgh Fringe Review – Kirsty Mann, Skeletons, Pleasance Courtyard
“What do you do?” It should be as easy question to answer. Not for Kirsty Mann though. Mann always wanted to be a doctor. She also always wanted to do comedy. Her solution was fiendishly simple. She... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Sikisa, Hear Me Out, Monkey Barrel
If you want a show to send you out partying into the night Sikisa certainly fits the bill. Hear Me Out will get you laughing, stomping your feet and probably dancing in the street straight afterwards... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – The Rob Auton Show, Assembly Roxy
Rob Auton is one of those performers who refuses to fit neatly into a category. I first encountered him when I nominated him for Dave's Joke Of the Fringe back in 2013. He won* but you'd hardly... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Liam Withnail: Chronic Boom
As a popular podcaster, Liam Withnail has a film of the moment his life changed forever. One minute he is chatting with his co-host Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, the next he is staggering around... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Simon David: Dead Dad Show, Underbelly
The Dead Dad Show has become an Edinburgh trope – the show a comic makes when he loses his father is rumoured to be a sure-fire way to garner awards. In his show Simon David simultaneously sends... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Paddy Young: Hungry, Horny, Scared, Pleasance Courtyard
Paddy Young has left his home in Scarborough and is trying to make a living as a comic in London.   Which means he’s living in a house-share. He has some absolutely brilliant crowd-work... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Mary O'Connell, Money Princess, Pleasance Courtyard
Mary O'Connell has a dilemma. She is no fan of the capitalist system but likes nothing better than buying things. The only trouble with the latter is that she doesn't have much money. In her debut... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Leila Navabi, Composition, Pleasance Courtyard
I was talking to another critic earlier this week about the popularity in recent years of "origin stories" - young comedians whose debut shows tell their audience who they are, where they come from... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Paul Sinha, Pauly Bengali, The Stand's New Town Theatre
I was slightly duped into seeing this show. Not by Paul Sinha of course. But somewhere deep in a big pile of virtual press cuttings I'd read that this would be his last ever Edinburgh run. Sinha has... more
Edinburgh Fringe Review – Avital Ash Workshops Her Suicide Note, Monkey Barrel at the Tron
I've seen a lot of personal, confessional comedy shows over the years, but this one is different. Very different. As the trigger warning title suggests, it is a show about suicide. But also much more... more
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