Review: In My Skin
I hesitated about reviewing the second series of In My Skin. While I've seen it described as a comedy drama I watched the first episode and felt that there wasn't much of a comedy element to it. On... more
Review: The Cockfields, Gold
I was a bit confused by the first episode of the second series of The Cockfields, written by and starring Joe Wilkinson as genial son Simon bringing his girlfriend to stay with his family on the Isle... more
TV Review: Mammoth, BBC
It's a bit like Life on Mars but it's set in a Welsh school and instead of a hard-boiled detective thrown back in time it's an unreconstructed PE teacher with a good heart thrown forward.I guess you... more
Restaurant Review: Mr Ji, Soho
Something of a change from the usual comedy nonsense here. Beyond The Joke has branched out into restaurant reviews. Not any old reviews though. I've reached an age where I tend to go to the same... more
Theatre Review: The Shark Is Broken
The Shark Is Broken was a hit in Edinburgh in 2019 and has taken a while to open in London for obvious reasons. It has been worth the wait though. This 90-minute three-hander has something for film... more
TV Review: Question Team, Dave
Dave seems to produce so many quirky variants on the celebrity guest format I was wondering if they have slaves locked up and beavering away on ideas 24 hours a day in some kind of Squid Game... more
Book Review: Daniel Sloss – Everyone You Hate is Going to Die: And Other Comforting Thoughts on Family, Friends, Sex, Love, and More Things That Ruin Your Life
From such a prolific touring comedian, especially off the crest of the wave that was breaking America quite nicely thank you very much, it's hardly surprising that come the pandemic Daniel Sloss has... more
Review: Laugharne Weekend
It has regularly been said that the Laugharne Festival is a dream-like event. And this year’s three-day arts reverie in the small town in South Wales where Dylan Thomas used to write was no exception... more
TV: The Outsiders, Dave
The Scouts was never like this. I don't remember anyone telling our leader to shove their badge up their arse, as Lou Sanders says to surrogate scoutmaster David Mitchell in this new series where... more
Review: Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!, Netflix
If you want conclusive proof that not everything Charlie Brooker touches turns to gold, check out Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!, the one-off comedy special he has produced for Netflix. If you want... more
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