James Acaster, Katherine Ryan, Dara O Briain And More Added To Just For Laughs Line Up
Watch a clip from James Acaster's acclaimed atand-up show, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999.In the clip Acaster skewers the cult of edgy comedians saying what they want to say and saying if you don't... more
A Spitting Image sketch featuring Labour MP Jess Phillips saying “Convene my big Labour vag,” and “You wanna suck some f*****g milk from my big Labour t**s?” has been condemned as being sexist,... more
Interview: Victoria Coren Mitchell – "If there’s one thing I learned, you can’t pretend to be or do anything, or have any strategy."
The first trailer for the new series of Taskmaster has been revealed.The five brave candidates limbering up for an assault course of absurdity are: comedian, writer, and actor Alan Davies (... more
Previous Dave Joke of the Fringe winners have revealed their thoughts about the effect Covid-19 has had on comedy, as well as their memories of Edinburgh Fringe in a special video ... more
Watch Prince Charles (Well, Harry Enfield) Talk About His Upcoming Stage Appearance
Watch Harry Enfield as Prince Charles below in this teaser for the forthcoming World Premiere of George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler-Moore’s stage adaptation of their Channel 4 hit The Windsors. ... more
 Ted Lasso Triumphs At The Emmys
Apple TV+ has unveiled the trailer for the second season of the beloved, award-winning comedy series, “Ted Lasso.” After striking a chord with audiences all around the world through its cast of... more
Perfect Movie Recreations – Robin Hood of Thieves
To mark the thirtieth anniversary of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves here is comedian Richard Sandling paying tribute to the classic in his Perfect Movie series featuring sketch combo Penny Dreadfuls'... more
Watch The Room Next Door – Nadine Dorries
Michael Spicer's Room Next Door reports direct from G7 in sunny Cornwall.Michael Spicer is a comedy writer, actor, director and the creator of the internet sensation, The Room Next Door, which in... more
Kieran Hodgson's Line Of Duty Bad Impressions
Following the viral sucess of his comic homages to Dr Who, The Crown, Bridgerton and many more, character comedian Kieran Hodgson returns with his take on Line of Duty.Hodgson is a familiar comedy... more
Tamar Broadbent's Super Annoying Productive Friend
Watch the new clip from comedian Tamar Broadbent below.As the title suggests, it's about those people that we've all met – particularly in the last year – and who drive us all mad.Tamar is a writer,... more
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