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Never Mind The Buzzcocks returns to our screens at 9pm on September 21. This time round it is on Sky Max and hosted by Greg Davies, with team captains Noel Fielding and Daisy May Cooper and regular player Jamali Maddix.

Jamali Maddix talks about his part in the new show below.

What did you think when you heard that they were bringing Buzzcocks back and they wanted you on the show?
The first time I heard about it is when they asked me to do it! I didn’t know that they were bringing it back until they asked me. So I was really excited. It’s an iconic show and I think it’s always a nice feeling to know that someone wants you on every episode of something!

Were you a fan of the show when it was on before?

Yeah, I was watching it back in the day when Mark Lamarr did it, that was the first incarnation, then I watched it with Simon Amstell. I loved the show, man. I just liked how edgy it was and it was brutal and there was nothing else like it on TV at that time and it had great guests on. It had guests that you’d never expect, they would have Jimmy Cliff and then also have someone from a pop group.

Some people might say that the music scene isn’t as wild as it was back in the 90s and the 00s, what would you make of that?
I was born in the 90s so I wasn’t there! But yeah, 100%, times move on but then I think things are just as crazy, it’s just different now. Do you know what I mean? It’s just different. Before it would be someone smashing up a hotel room. All those things still happen, it’s just that they’re played out on a different playing field now, it’s social media and all that other type of stuff. It’s just the same type of weird, eccentric, edgy people, just on a different platform now.

Had you met Greg, Daisy or Noel before?

Yeah, I know Greg from Taskmaster. I’d never met Daisy and I’d met Noel once, we did The Last Leg together. That was during the last election, I did the election special with him. But yeah, that was before lockdown, that was pre COVID shit!

You switch between teams, what are Daisy and Noel like as captains?
Yeah, it’s cool, man. I enjoy it. It’s different energy, isn’t it? Daisy’s team is sort of like going to the club, it’s loud. And then going on Noel’s team is like going to a nice bar. It’s a bit more chill, like a nice country pub. So I enjoy being able to have a taste of both sides.

Who’s the most competitive?

I think Daisy’s the most competitive and Daisy definitely cares the most about winning points that mean nothing! Yeah, she actually gets excited when she wins a point. Daisy is definitely the one who’s most points driven, even though the points are pointless!

And is there any cheating going on?

Yeah, I cheat all the time. Everyone plays it pretty good, but I don’t care, I cheat all the time!


How do I cheat? I Google stuff on my phone, I’ve had a headset with a friend who’s sitting outside the studio and he Googles it for me and gives me the answers.

Do you guys give Greg a hard time?

Yeah, we take the piss out of him, we all take the piss out of each other. He’s been hosting shit for ages. He hosts Taskmaster which is a big show, isn’t it? Yeah, man, it’s a good energy!

Do you think there’s going to be any controversial moments like there were previously?
What’s the deal with controversy? Whenever I’ve got in trouble for saying something, in the moment, I never think I’m going to get in trouble! Do you know what I mean? It’s not like I say something and I go, “Ah, I’m going to get...


No, I’d never think that, you just do it, right? You just say things. So honestly, I don’t know because I have a bad gauge of what people get upset by because I don’t really get upset easily over jokes!

Everyone just wants a laugh at the end of the day...

It’s fun laughing with someone, not necessarily at them but laughing with them. What I realised with this show is there’s a lot of music that’s a bit shit but we all like it. And I think that’s all right and it’s fun being like, “Oh, that’s shit, I kind of like it though.” I think that’s what’s fun about the show, is it’s got that stuff where it’s like, “It’s a bit shit but let’s enjoy that aspect of it.”

Have there been any guests who have really surprised you?
I liked Shaun Ryder and Bez. That was very fun. Shaun Ryder and Bez, I think were my favourite. If I had booked them,
I would not be disappointed. I’d be like, “Yes, I booked them for exactly what they do.” The thing about Shaun and Bez is, everyone thinks that they’re just a bit mad, which they are, but they know what they’re selling and I think that’s what’s cool about them and what’s interesting about them. They know what people are interested in. Rag’n’Bone Man was a good guy, he was funny. Everyone’s been really funny, man.

Have they all really bought into the fun of the show and just had a laugh?
Yeah, I think they have, man. When Buzzcocks came out, it was the return of the panel shows. Panel shows now are a staple in British comedy. If you think that’s a good or a bad thing, that’s up to you but they are a staple. I think people, especially the guests, even if they’re musicians, none of them are confused at what’s going on. Which has good and bad points because I think with the old series, a lot of them didn’t know what it was and their confusion about it was very funny!

What’s your favourite game to play on the show?

I like the line-ups, that’s my favourite one. When we do a line-up or have some old pop stars on. That’s my favourite

shit, man. I like Mick Hucknall photo bombing too. So they superimpose Mick Hucknall’s face on someone and you’ve got to guess who it is. For whatever reason, it’s fun as shit!

What about the Intro Round, are you any good at that one?
I hate the Intro Round. I hate guessing it because they always have music that I’ve never heard of! It’s always like, “Oh, this one’s Wham! and it’s their B-side song,” and I’m like, “I don’t fucking know that shit.” They give me songs I don’t know!

You also delve into people’s pre-show rituals, do you have any?
Yeah, I like to pace. I like to pace back and forth and maybe smoke some cigarettes. That’s my pre-show ritual. I pace back and forth and I smoke a cigarette and I mumble to myself! I don’t ever get a rider. I don’t know why everyone’s talking about rider, rider, rider but I’ve never had a rider. No one’s asked me what I want! 


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