Special Gig For Dragos Montenescu

Special Gig For Dragos Montenescu

Dragos Montenescu is bringing his critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe show ALL ABOARD WITH DRAGOS MONTANESCU to London’s Comedy Store on Sunday 12 December at 3pm.  A musical comedy show, ALL ABOARD sees the Romanian star performing a mix of stand-up and sit-down at the piano comedy.

After 20 years at the top of his game in Romania with more than 500 episodes of sitcom and comedy drama as an actor/writer/producer, Dragos fled Romania for the UK in pursuit of a new career in English!   

Dragos started his career in 1997 in a TV show akin to the UK’s Mock The Week before creating and developing The Block for PRO TV, the longest running and most successful sitcom in Romanian TV History. He also created and wrote for Nobody’s Perfect, a 180-episode comedy drama for PRIME TV.

In 2017 Dragos decided to move to London and start again from scratch and in 2019 premiered ALL ABOARD at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe….and then came lockdown.

He is joined by top UK stand-ups Paul McCaffrey and Alistair Barrie.

Dragos Montenescu, Comedy Store, SW1, Sunday, December 12, 3pm. Buy tickets here.


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