Hit Show Britney Gets TV Adaptation

Hit Show Britney Gets TV Adaptation

Hit show Britney, which tells the story of how Charly Clive dealt with being diagnosed with a brain tumour, has been adapted for television. Britney is released by BBC Three on Tuesday, November 30.

Britney was the name that Clive and her best friend, double act partner and co-star Ellen Robertson called the brain tumour. Talking to The i Robertson said: "“We didn’t want to keep saying brain tumour. It’s a mood killer. We definitely knew it needed a name,” explains Ellen."

The programme tells the story of how Charly and Ellen have been best friends ever since a shared moment of transformational theatre in Year Eight Drama Club.

Ten years on, Charly is leaving New York and a dubious career leafleting in Broadway, to visit Ellen back in their home village of Cumwell. Neither of them can wait to relive the glory days of their friendship: a non-stop rom-com of hair crimping, MmmBop and an unhealthy level of co-dependence.

But Ellen soon discovers that Charly isn’t planning on moving back permanently, crushing the dream they’d always shared of living in London together. Now at odds and no longer as inseparable as they’d imagined, Charly discovers that her mysterious lack of periods is a result of something much bigger and scarier. Their world is suddenly tipped upside down as they fight to make sure their friendship rom-com has a happy ending.

Charly Clive also appeared in the Channel 4 comedy/drama Pure. 

Britney is a Drama Republic production for BBC Three, commissioned by Shane Allen, Director of Comedy and Fiona Campbell, Controller BBC Three. The Executive Producers are Roanna Benn, Jen Kenwood and Mike Bartlett. Tanya Qureshi takes over as Commissioning Editor from Kate Daughton.

Britney, BBC Three, Tuesday, November 30.

Pictured Charly (Charly Clive), Ellen (Ellen Roberston): BBC




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