Social Media Is Convinced MP Michael Fabricant Is A Harry Enfield Character

Social Media Is Convinced MP Michael Fabricant Is A Harry Enfield Character

Following an appearance on the news by MP Michael Fabricant social media has been in a frenzy convinced that this is not a real person but actually a character played by comedian Harry Enfield.

Fabricant was talking about the latest allegations that there was a party in Downing Street in May 2020 that broke Covid rules. The MP for Lichfield says the alleged No 10 garden party "wasn't spreading the disease because these were people who were already working closely together". Watch the full clip here.

Twitter seemed more concerned about Fabricant's resemblance to a comedy character than the political story, resulting in "Harry Enfield" trending on Twitter. Some people thought it was Harry Enfield playing Fabricant. Others thought it was Harry Enfield playing Boris Johnson.

@manwidges tweeted: "Shit! You mean it's not Harry Enfield. I must be getting old. I can't tell comedians and politicians apart any more"

@northyorksmag tweeted: "Honestly thought this was Harry Enfield doing a bit when I scrolled past"

@theanfieldpoet tweeted: "This Harry Enfield character is just not believable."

@briapollar wrote: "I wonder if all those people mockingly comparing Michael Fabricant to Harry Enfield realise how utterly unoriginal they are, even now they’ve got Harry Enfield trending."

@muttlysaid added: "It's measure of utterly ludicrous Tory talking heads are that people's first thought is it's Harry Enfield taking the piss."

@nolittleman tweeted: "housands of people went to a polling station and put a tick in the box next to his name. What a country."

@fairygogmother tweeted: "He’s like a horrid cross between Boris love child and a Harry Enfield character not sure whose kicked this fellas kennel in the past few weeks but put him back in. #foolish #JohnsonMustResign

Comedian Luca Capani tweeted: "I genuinely thought that he was a comedian attempting a parody of Boris Johnson (the look, the meaningless words...), now I've googled him and I stand corrected, he is a real MP."




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