Comedian Rosie Holt's MP Party Viral Video Mistaken For The Real Thing

New Rosie Holt Clip Tackling Oligarchs

Comedian Rosie Holt's satirical video clip in which she plays an MP explaining that she doesn't know if she attended a party at Downing Street has gone viral. 

Historian Simon Schama called it "total genius" and Gary Lineker realised it was a joke and posted a tears-of-laughter emoji, but some people have been confused and wondered if Holt is real. 

Henry Bolton OBE tweeted: "Oh dear. I’ve frequently bemoaned the quality of our parliamentarians but this interview surprises even me. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…" Although some people wondered if Henry Bolton's Twitter account was a parody.

And Peter Wall tweeted: "...Until an investigation has been completed & the conclusion to that investigation is that it was indeed a ‘party’ then she cannot confirm what type of activity she was present at & included in." It was not clear if his answer was an elaborate spoof answer or if he thought the clip was a genuine interview.

Watch more Rosie Holt here.

Watch Rosie Holt's 'party' interview below




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