Interview: Jim Howick And Katherine Parkinson On New Comedy Here We Go

Following a successful pilot a full series of sideways family sitcom Here We Go launches on BBC One at 8.30pm on Friday 29th April and will also be available as a box set on BBC iPlayer. It stars Alison Steadman, Katherine Parkinson, Jim Howick and Tom Basden and is written by Tom Basden.

Interview with Jim Howick

You’ve played so many brilliant characters throughout your career, what attracted you to Paul?

At first, the script. I've always loved Tom Basden's writing, he's a really funny intelligent man and I was very flattered that he wanted me to play Paul. 

Paul is caught in the unusual position of being a high achiever in his field who is also haunted by his shortcomings. He made the Olympic team archery team which is amazing but he only came 9th in the competition. He's bruised by it all. That and he's lazy. He's an attractive composition. 

Paul and Rachel really care about each other, do you think their marriage is a relatable one?

Yeah, I think so. They're very much characters and what they have to deal with in the series is a bit of a stretch for your average 2.4 family but it's all managed by a very real family dynamic. There are moments in the series when you really appreciate the friendship at the core of their marriage. 

There are some real laugh-out-loud moment this series, what was your favourite scene to shoot?

We had a lot of fun on the shoot and I have loads of fond funny memories but I think the group swimming pool scene was my favourite. It was probably the scene everyone was looking forward to the least. When the day eventually came, it was a nice day, the pool was warm and all the principle cast were involved. Everyone was  game and a bit giddy with it all. It was the closest thing I'd had to a holiday in two years. 

What were your first impressions of the scripts?

I genuinely laughed out loud. I loved them and couldn't wait to get started. 

You had to learn archery during the shoot – how did you get on?

Yeah I had an archery lesson with Tim Key which was like an alternative comedy fever dream. Best date I've ever had. I won. 

Which character in the show would you most like to go for a drink with and why?

I have a real soft spot for Tom's character Robin. He's just such a sweet guy. We'd hunker down and while away the hours talking about Warhammer and Acid Jazz! 


Interview with Katherine Parkinson


You’ve played so many brilliant characters throughout your career, what drew you to Rachel?

I already knew what a great writer Tom Basden was, so that’s what drew me to the project initially. 

There are some real laugh-out-loud moment this series, what was your favourite scene to shoot?

I have lots of favourite scenes  - the paddling pool day was lovely because production kept the water nice and warm and the sun was out - I also enjoyed the Italian restaurant day because I’m a big fan of being seated, and Will the director was very kind in accommodating that whenever possible - and I enjoyed the scenes with dogs. The cast were all so lovely and funny that the whole thing was easy - I am grateful to Jim Howick especially for making us all laugh.

You can tell there is a real love and affection between Rachel and Paul in the moments that Sam captures slightly off camera – do you think their marriage is relatable?

I think Paul and Rachel love each other very much but their marriage is not perfect and that is very relatable. I did find myself getting a bit frustrated with Paul - and feeling sorry for Rachel! - but his heart is in the right place.

What was your favourite episode and why?

I enjoyed all the episodes, but it was nice to get to show off my Italian, I think everyone was really impressed.

What were your first impressions of the scripts?

The scripts were some of the best I’ve ever read, so I knew that we just had to deliver them.

Do you share any similarities with Rachel, that you have bought to the series?

I am I fear more like Paul than Rachel in my marriage - Rachel is more stoic and lusty than me, but I share her rage.

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