Frank Skinner Cancels Edinburgh Fringe Run

Frank Skinner Cancels Edinburgh Fringe Run

Frank Skinner has cancelled his Edinburgh Festival Fringe run due to a "family health issue".

Sky has reported that a spokesperson for the star said on Wednesday that the much anticipated new show, 30 Years Of Dirt, would not now be happening.

"Due to a family health issue, Frank Skinner is unable to travel for the foreseeable future, therefore his 30 Years of Dirt stand-up show at Assembly, Edinburgh this August has regrettably been cancelled," she said.

"All ticket holders will receive a full refund."

Skinner was one of the big names set to appear at the 75th Edinburgh Fringe. His entire run at the Assembly Roxy had already sold out.

The 65-year old comic recently said he was delighted to hear Three Lions being sung again after the women's England team won the Euros. "And I quite like it an octave higher. It's brilliant. I've always said anyone bringing it home would make me really happy, whether it's the men or the women. The women were fantastic, it's been cracking ­football. Watching it, I really thought, this is just about loving ­football, I couldn't care less about their gender, it was just a ­brilliant performance."


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