Comedian Offers Charity Donations In Return for Edinburgh Publicity

Comedian Offers Charity Donations In Return for Edinburgh Publicity

Enterprising comedian Nathan Cassidy has come up with a novel way to plug his two Edinburgh shows this year.

He has emailed members of the press with the following: "if you/your publication review or preview my Edinburgh shows this year I’ll give The Alzheimer’s Society £50 per article/review up to £500.  My family have been very affected by dementia in recent years, so what better way to tug at the heart strings of the press than with this selfless gesture?!  Even if you just mention what I’m doing here with this shameless publicity stunt that’s £50 to The Alzheimer’s Society.  Thank you very much!"

So below (and above) we are doing our bit for a worthy cause...

Edinburgh Fringe 2023 PRESS RELEASE

Multi award-winning comedian Nathan Cassidy presents 2 new shows ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Fifty’.
Bits of comedy, no connections, TikTok ready.  Swipe up morons!
But as usual with Nathan, things aren’t always what they seem…

Nathan Cassidy: Amnesia - 29 bits of 2 minutes each that you will never remember.

Nathan Cassidy: Fifty - 50 bits of 1 minute each for his grandma’s 100th birthday. 

Best Stand-up Winner Brighton Fringe 2022/2023
Best Solo Comedy Show Buxton Fringe Nominee 2021/2022
Best Comedy Greater Manchester Fringe Nominee 2021
Off West End Stage Awards Nominee 2021
Best Show Leicester Comedy Festival Nominee 2020
The only live show Edinburgh Fringe 2020
Nathan is the host of hit podcasts Psycomedy and Daily Notes (pushing one million downloads) and star of Amazon Prime specials ‘Bumblebee’ and ‘Observational’.  In Nathan’s critically acclaimed, word of mouth hit show ‘Observational, everyone was talking about the magical surprise hidden within.  Will these shows have another, or is it just bits of unconnected comedy with no heart and no soul?  You’ll have to see them to find out!
Cassidy was nominated for Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2020 and was the only live performer at the Edinburgh Fringe the same year. His show Bumblebee was a total sell out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2021 and was nominated for 3 awards that year including an Off West End Stage Award.  In 2022 Nathan won best standup at the Brighton Fringe and was also nominated for best show at the Buxton Fringe for the 7th time, and in 2023 he picked up the best standup award at The Brighton Fringe again.
Nathan Cassidy says ‘I wanted to do shows this year with depth, heart and soul, but I don’t think the audience wants that any more!  They just want bits, TikTok ready bits of comedy.  So here they are - 29 bits in ‘Amnesia’ and 50 bits in ‘Fifty'. But it’s the hardest thing for me, someone that is constantly seeking connection and soul.  That’s the thing that is seeping away - soul.  Maybe somewhere in one of these show I’ll find some soul.  Maybe together we’ll find something truly magical and uplifting… maybe!' 
Edinburgh Fringe 2023
Bar 50 (Alcove)
3rd-26th August (not 14) 20:30 (1hr) 
Tickets from £5/PWYC on exit
The Counting House (Lounge)
3rd-26th August (not 14) 22:15 (1hr)
FREE/PWYC on exit
Photography: Andy Hollingworth


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