Watch New Short Film From Joz Norris

Watch Short New Film From Joz Norris
A new short film by Joz Norris, starring Stevie Martin, Ali Brice & Lucy Pearman and directed by Stuart Laws is available to watch on Turtle Canyon Comedy’s YouTube channel today. 
An absurd, experimental comedy about a performance artist who wants to perform on one side of a two way mirror so he doesn’t know whether he’s got an audience. Stevie Martin plays the journalist tasked with understanding the pretentious idiot and ending up in an exploration of observation, perception and motivation in art. Artists want to make art and they want it to be appreciated by others, so they pretend it’s for an audience but it always ends up for themselves. Hope you like this short film.
Joz Norris, writer and star had this to say about his art (the film): “In the depths of lockdown, when it felt like none of us would ever see anyone, or be seen by anyone, ever again, I wrote a weird script about the need to be seen. I wrote it in a sort of delirium and when I was done I had no idea what it was. I still don't, but Stuart Laws told me it would be a good short film, so we made it. Everyone involved was so brilliant, and I'm so proud of what we made. I love this film, it makes me feel like I'm dreaming. I hope you all enjoy it too.”
Stuart Laws, director said: “We got such a brilliant cast together, Stevie Martin has always been brilliant and was a delight to work with, getting Ali Brice and Lucy Pearman both on the film was a joy too - both so naturally funny and bought into the concept straight away."
Watch Two Way Mirror Below (it's only seven minutes long)


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