Watch New Short Film Starring Mike Wozniak From Filmmaker Meat Bingo And Writer David Quantick

Watch New Short Film Starring Mike Wozniak From Meat Bingo And David Quantick
Sleepyman is a supernatural short film made by Meat Bingo, real name John Panton, starring Taskmaster alumnus Mike Wozniak and actor/stand-up Will Adamsdale, based on the story by Emmy award winning author David Quantick.
Panton describes it as non-comedic although it does star two acclaimed comedians. Set in the 1890's, Mike plays Jeremy, an academic plagued by glimpses of a figure - the eponymous Sleepyman. Increasingly haunted by these visions, he confides in his condition to his closest friend Alfred (Will). Is Jeremy's affliction in his mind, or is there more to the tale of Sleepyman than meets the eye....
The low-budget film was shot on location at the Devon and Exeter Institution and the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth.
Panton explains how Sleepyman came about: "I’d become a little obsessed with David Quantick’s short story Sleepyman, a creepy tale that immediately appealed to me as a fan of M. R. James, BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas et al. David graciously granted me the option to adapt his gem of a story. But to make it, I’d clearly need a budget – big locations, horses, costuming… I’d need a budget right? So I made a teaser with my friends Carl and Chris to get the ball rolling, foolishly attempting to attract some money from somewhere. Anywhere. Maybe someone? Anyone?

At the time of making the teaser, my dear Dad had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. The irony of the teaser stating ‘I’m not sleeping too well’ mirrored my worsening sleep pattern. I’d wake up with a jolt most nights, thinking about my Dad and his devastating deterioration, as he became increasingly hemmed in by the horrific lack of bodily function. The downstairs dining room in my family home had essentially been transformed into a minute hospital ward and my night-time terrors envisaged him there, trapped, unable to communicate – and my utter powerlessness to help from afar. As a full time teacher, it’s hard to carve out moments for creativity at the best of times and this sustained undercurrent of grief as Dad worsened any hope, or indeed interest, in pursuing Sleepyman

And then Covid lockdown landed..." Read more here...

Watch Sleepyman below


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