MP Blames Toby Jones & ITV For Not Making #PostOfficeScandal Drama Sooner.

Big Tour For Rosie Holt

An MP has blamed acclaimed actor Toby Jones & ITV for not making the #PostOfficeScandal drama sooner.

Well, not a real MP but comedian Rosie Holt, who has released her latest satirical clip, 'co-starring' Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, through the magic of snappy editing. Though don't be surprised if many people think the clip is real. As one YouTube comment remarked: "It is difficult to not believe that Rosie is not a real MP considering she sounds just like so many of the idiots who actually appear in our media. Well done as always."

Actor/comedian Hugh Laurie did realise it was satirical, reposting the clip with the single word comment: "sublime". 

Holt is also going on tour this year with her latest show, That’s Politainment!, taking it to venues spanning the length and breadth of the country. Opening at Didcot Cornerstone Arts Centre on 11th April 2024. Dates and ticket details here.

Picture: Karla Gowlett

Watch Rosie Holt below



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