Matt Forde Issues Update On Cancer Treatment

Matt Forde Announces Big Tour Inside No. 10

Matt Forde as posted an update on his health and future plans following the discovery of a spinal tumour and subsequent cancer treatment.

Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, Forde posted: 

"Some personal news...I'm alive!

This will sound mad, but having cancer and having it removed, along with part of my spine, has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I've met the most exceptional people who have given me the privilege of living longer.

I'm adapting to the changes to my body, all of which are 100% worth it to be cancer free. So, what does anyone who's survived cancer and life-changing surgery want to do the most..? Work!

I cannot wait to be back on @absoluteradio on Saturday 3 February and I'll return to British Scandal and The Political Party soon after. Stand-up will take me a bit longer to return to, mainly as I can't adequately stand up.

I owe my life to the phenomenal staff at @RNOHnhs. It is an exceptional hospital. Not that it's the main point, but the food there is FANTASTIC. Thanks also to the Rheumatology Day unit at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, who first discovered my tumour. The NHS, eh."

Forde's Inside No 10 UK tour (pictured) was due to start in February, but the first batch of dates have been postponed. According to his website he will be touring from March. Click here to check out remaining dates and sign up to his mailing list here to be the first to hear about rescheduled dates.



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