Best in Class 2024 Line Up Revealed

The line up for Best in Class 2024 has been announced.

The line up for Best in Class 2024 has been announced.

Best in Class is a crowd funded profit sharing initiative that champions the rich talent of working class performers. The organisation has enabled over 30 working class comedians to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2018 on their mixed bill showcase. Since 2022 they have assisted a further 30 performers with their fringe costs through a bursary scheme. Best in Class received the Edinburgh Comedy Awards Panel Prize in 2022 in recognition of the work they do.

Best In Class alumni include Tom Mayhew, Lindsey Santoro, Jamie Hutchinson, Tamsyn Kelly and Jordan Gray. With acts going on to achieve fantastic successes within their comedy careers. Best in Class has a proven reputation for spotting genuine talent from across the UK and offering them a platform to succeed at the Fringe. The success carried over into their bursary program. In 2023 of those awarded bursaries, two were nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards. With one of the winners of the newly established (ISH) Edinburgh Comedy Awards also being a Best in Class bursary recipient and five recipients being long listed.

The showcase was started by Sian Davies 2018 who was fed up with class, money and social status being used as a barrier to performing. She wanted to give working class comics, like herself, an opportunity to perform at the fringe without the financial struggles.

Best in Class has grown in tandem alongside Davies’ comedy career, with her now taking more of a behind the scenes role in the showcase. 

Davies said “I used to MC the show daily during the fringe. But now I have my own solo shows to concentrate on, I’m happy to hand the show over to the new recruits. They are a talented team who I know will have everything covered. I’ll be around if they need me, but Best in Class is about the acts having ownership of their show.”

Best in Class have fundraising shows scheduled at Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival, with more in the pipeline being planned by the new team.

Fundraising has always been a key element to the work of Best in Class. Acts are paid fairly for the work they do and no one is left out of pocket for taking part. 


Donations to the 2024 campaign can be made here:


Another way to get behind Best in Class is buying tickets to one of their shows:

Leicester Comedy Festival

Brighton Fringe Festival


2024 Best in Class Squad:


Amanda Hursy

Amanda Hursy is an original, fresh and distinctive voice that has been welcomed onto the Scottish comedy scene. A household name in the making and hailed as "one of the best rising stars'' (Daily Record). Amanda has infectious warmth and boundless energy that guarantees an unforgettable experience. An act who is unapologetically authentic and extremely likeable."Every punchline hits the mark, straight up, no messing, oozing confidence" (The Stand comedy club).


Sam Ayinde

Sam Ayinde is a writer, comedian, grinder, hustler, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Kanye West. “Expertly walks the tightrope of edgy yet inventive joke premises whilst remaining likeable and not exclusionary. A genuine juggernaut of joke writing and telling who can hold his own against seasoned pros easily” (Blizzard Comedy). 


Kelly Rickard

Felt Nowt New Act of the Year Winner Kelly Rickard is “brutally honest and hilarious!” (Rosie Ramsey). “Kelly is next year’s big star” (Creative Tourist). “This is one to take a chance on and discover the next big thing before they even know it” (Manchester Wire). “Hilarious and very poignant” (The Stand Newcastle).


Louis Etienne

Louis is a Bradford based comedian who likes to talk about race, sex and all things taboo.


Maxine Wade

A rising star of the northern comedy scene, Maxine combines political satire and her trademark tongue in cheek blue humour with anecdotes of her time frontline nursing in the NHS. BBC New Comedy Award Semi Finalist 2023, British Comedy Guide Comedian of the Year Finalist 2023 and Yorkshire Comedy Awards Best Breakthrough Act 2023. 


Sean Gorman

Sean’s deadpan delivery of self deprecating humour has the audience hanging on every word. Sean can be seen performing at some of the most famous comedy clubs on the UK circuit, including The Comedy Store, Downstairs At The Kings Head and The Stand Up Club, as well as many other clubs across the UK and Europe.


Tasha Cluskey

Tasha Cluskey is an Essex based, cockney voiced Comedian. She has gone from cracking people up by oversharing in beer gardens to oversharing on stage. She was a Semifinalist in 2022 NATYs, Finalist Rising Star New Act 2023, Semi Finalist Leicester Square 2033 and Semi Finalist West End New Act 2023. Subtlety might not be her strong suit but leaving you laughing definitely is. "She's bold, brash and puts the spotlight directly on her in the very best of ways" (The Crumb). "Funny, polished and professional" (Katherine Ryan)


Garrie Grubb

Garrie Grubb is an Essex based comedian who’s “stunningly funny material” and “perfect delivery” (Edge mag) has seen him become a finalist in multiple competitions. “A real technician of proper joke telling” (Geoff Norcott). Garrie also happens to be the only gay lorry driver from Essex on the comedy circuit. Probably.



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