TV: ITV Covid Drama Breathtaking Dominates Social Media

TV: ITV Covid Drama Breathtaking Dominates Social Media

ITV1's new drama Breathtaking, about the Covid crisis and the portrayal of the pandemic as it swept the nation, has gripped and moved viewers and also made them angry at the government's handling of the crisis. Social media was also quick to praise the performance of Joanne Froggatt as a frontline hospital consultant.

AJ Snoop posted: "5 minutes in and this isnt looking good for government headlines tomorrow when they thought calmed down this programme looks heartbreaking already #BREATHTAKING"

Lyudmyla wrote: "10 minutes in am already in tears #BREATHTAKING"

Lynne Currie agreed a minute later: "11 minutes it and raging already....#BREATHTAKING"

Suhil Patel spoke for many: "Just seeing Boris Johnson again has pissed me right off #BREATHTAKING"

Sara aka @mabel_mouse wrote: "Doctors and nurses went from heroes to zero where the Tory Govt are concerned. They literally kept this country alive, while the government got pissed, now they’re being told they’re now worthy of a pay rise. It’s absolutely disgusting. #BREATHTAKING"

Reece Jordan Noonan posted on X: "#Breathtaking dives deep into the heart-wrenching reality of nursing amidst COVID-19. As a nurse, it's both a necessary and daunting watch, evoking raw emotions, shedding light on the sacrifices made daily. This glimpse into our world is powerful, reminding us of the resilience"

Boris Nose (probably not their real name) had a very personal take: "My mum died, screaming in pain with cancer Because everyone was masked up. No doctors. No hospital appointments #BREATHTAKING"

Shosh wrote: "Some of us tried real life protests, we tried Twitter storms, we tried online organisation of localised political mini-marches a la Belarus etc etc Maybe #BREATHTAKING is what we need to kickstart people’s rebellious side? Maybe #BREATHTAKING will help us bring the Tories down?"

Shane Levitt: "Oh god, I completely forgot about PHE downgrading the PPE standards to fudge that they didn’t have enough…How the government didn’t collapse in those early months I don’t know #BREATHTAKING""

Breathtaking, ITV1 and on catch up on ITVX

Picture: ITV


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