First Annual Worldwide Comedy Month Announced

First Annual Worldwide Comedy Month Announced
Nashville based company 800 Pound Gorilla Media has announced that the month of April 2024 will be the First Annual Worldwide Comedy Month. In an endeavor to celebrate, enjoy, and raise awareness for an art form that is growing in popularity across the world, fans in the US, UK, and Australia will enjoy an 800PGM-curated month-long slate of specialized programming. This includes global premieres of stand-up specials, scripted projects, new releases and fan engagement opportunities. WCM will be highlighting new releases from beloved comics including Kyle Kinane, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Mo Welch, Modi, Ivo Graham and Monty Franklin and more.
800 PGM are building a calendar of events, with a unique opportunity to enjoy and celebrate comedy every day, at The site will feature a list of the 800 PGM-curated events happening in the world of comedy each day in April. This will be a list of industry-wide highlights for comedy lovers. 
Damion Greiman of 800 PGM says, “While 800 Pound Gorilla initiated Worldwide Comedy Month, it’s not just about us. We look forward to collaborating with others from the comedy industry to help make this event even bigger and better, for many years to come.” He goes on to say “since we started the company in 2016, we have seen comedy streaming hours grow exponentially in double digit percentages, and the growth is not slowing down.” 
Speaking to the “Worldwide” of WCM, Ian Adkins, Head of 800 PGM’s International Division explains: “Over the past five years, 800 Pound Gorilla Media has established its presence in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. By dedicating an entire month to the celebration of comedy, we can showcase talented comedians from around the globe to audiences worldwide.”
Comedy fans can visit to subscribe to a weekly newsletter to stay up to date on everything that’s happening in April. 
4/2 - Kyle Kinane, Dirt Nap
4/4 - Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Say I Won't
4/5 - Ivo Graham, Live from the Bloomsbury Theatre (British)
4/9 - Monty Franklin, Live from Sydney
4/12 - Dan Rath, I'm Not Doing Well, Folks (Australian)
4/16 - Mark Forward, Mark Forward Presents... Mark Forward
4/18 - Modi, Know Your Audience
4/21 - Mike Britt, Check The Mike
4/23 - Mo Welch, Dad Jokes
4/26 - Nick Offerman, American Ham
4/30 - Tom Allen, Tom Allen: Absolutely Live (British)
Worldwide Comedy Month Online:


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