Video: Watch The Trailer for Romesh Ranganathan Sitcom Avoidance

Video: Watch The Trailer for Romesh Ranganathan Sitcom Avoidance

A new series of the Romesh Ranganathan sitcom Avoidance is coming to BBC One. Jonathan (Romesh Ranganathan) is back and he’s reinvented himself. He may have a new body, a new hobby, and a lot of lycra, but he’s still stuck avoiding conflict and all the mess that causes. Jonathan is determined to win back his ex-partner Claire (Jessica Knappett) and rebuild his family and make son, Spencer (Kieran Logendra) happy. However, any chance of their love rekindling is complicated by new love interests Brett (Matthew Lewis) and Megan (Aisling Bea). Meanwhile, Jonathan’s sister, Dan (Mandeep Dhillon) and her wife Courtney (Lisa McGrillis) are expecting a baby and feel anything but ready.

Episode 1 will air on Friday 5 April at 9.30pm on BBC One and all six episodes will be available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.

Watch the trailer for the second series of Avoidance below.

Pictured: Megan (Aisling Bea) (Image: BBC/Rangabee)



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