Berk's Nest Puts More Edinburgh Fringe Shows On Sale

Berk's Nest Puts More Edinburgh Fringe Shows On Sale

 live comedy producers Berk’s Nest have announced an additional two shows joining their Edinburgh Fringe roster this year, following Tuesday’s announcement that the team will be producing shows for Sophie Duker, Celya AB, Paul Williams, Emma Sidi, Alice Snedden, Kieran Hodgson and Kiell-Smith Bynoe, as well as Catherine Cohen, Kemah Bob, Tarot, Colin Hoult and Two Hearts.

The latest additions are: 

  • Melbourne Comedy Award winner, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and star of her own Amazon Prime Video special Zoë Coombs Marr (pictured left) returns with a new stand-up show, Every Single Thing In My Whole Entire Life. Nothing fancy, no big concepts, just every single thing in Zoë’s whole entire life. Produced in association with Soho Theatre.

  • Paddy Young (pictured right) is back with his brand new, second show If I Told You I’d Have To Kiss You, after being nominated for last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer, making it to the BBC New Comedy Awards finals and winning this year’s Chortle award for Best Newcomer. 

This summer marks Berk’s Nest’s eleventh year at the Edinburgh Fringe, with over a decade spent producing critically acclaimed, innovative and ambitious shows with some of the most exciting comedic talent in the UK and abroad. Those on sale today join a list of over a hundred unmissable shows that Berk’s Nest has produced at the festival and on tour across the UK, including many that have gone on to be released as specials for the likes of Prime Video, HBO Max, the BBC, and Netflix.

Tickets & info available at

Full Berk's Nest Fringe Programme

31 Jul - 25 Aug      Emma Sidi is Sue Gray                           Pleasance, Upstairs 16:15

30 Jul - 25 Aug      Zoë Coombs Marr:                                 Monkey Barrel 4 17:00

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Celya AB: Of All People                          Pleasance, Above 17:20

2 - 8 Aug                Kieran Hodgson: Work In Progress         Pleasance, Forth 17:30

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Paul Williams: Mamiya 7                        Assembly, Roxy Upstairs 18:45

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Sophie Duker: BUT DADDY I LOVE HER   Pleasance, Cabaret Bar 19:00

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Kemah Bob: Miss Fortunate                    Pleasance, Baby Grand   19:05

30 Jul - 23 Aug        Paddy Young:                                       Monkey Barrel 4   19:50

31 Jul - 25 Aug        Alice Snedden: Highly Credible               Pleasance, Upstairs 20:10 

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Colin Hoult: Colin                                   Pleasance, Cabaret Bar 20:20    

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Tarot: Shuffle                                        Pleasance Two 21:30

1 - 25 Aug              Catherine Cohen: Come for Me                Pleasance, Forth 22:00    

31 Jul - 25 Aug       Two Hearts: Til Death Do Us Hearts          Pleasance Two 23:00

15 - 25 Aug            Kiell Smith-Bynoe  & Friends:                  Pleasance, Forth 23:30



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