Rarely Asked Questions: Jo Koy

Rarely Asked Questions – Jo Koy

Jo Koy has come a long way from his modest beginnings performing in a Las Vegas coffee house to touring internationally. And on the Friday, 3rd May, he brings his live show to London, The 02.

Koys relatable comedy pulls inspiration from his colourful family that has reached all kinds of people.  Koy continues breaking sales records at some of the most prestigious venues around the world including Mall of Asia Arena (Manila, PH), The Forum (Los Angeles), Coca-Cola Arena (Dubai), ICC Theatre (Sydney, AU), and Radio City Music Hall (New York City).

Koy starred in the film Easter Sunday. With 4 Netflix specials, an autobiography and reaching #1 on the Billboard Charts for his stand-up comedy album, Live From Seattle, it is no wonder why Jo Koy was given the prestigious “Stand-Up Comedian Of The Year” award at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. His fourth Netflix stand-up special, Live From The Los Angeles Forum premiered globally in September 2022.

Jo Koy, 02 Arena, Friday, May 3, buy tickets here.

Click here for global tour dates.

Last thing before stage
- pee. And I’m not even joking. I had an incident when I accidentally peed a little on stage. I never want that to happen again 

Most dangerous thing ever done
- dirt bikes. I almost lost my leg. Compound femur fracture, tibia and fibula….. any questions? 

Stupidest thing ever done 
- ………. the only reason I’m taking so long to answer is because there’s so many. I’ll say bungee jumping in Auckland NZ. I will never do that again. The first time I almost pooped in my pants. I believe a little poop did indeed come out 

Surprised you most during my career as a comedian 
- that I have a desire and ability to direct specials. Even though I didn’t direct Live from Seattle - I learned all of the in’s and out’s of production and what all goes into creating a stand up special from that experience. And I fell in love with the production and technical side of the art form. Not only do I love being on stage, but I’ve fallen in love with being backstage as well. And that’s something I didn’t expect

What do you think of luck
- I don’t like the word luck, I never use it. Not a fan of people saying “good luck” - when they do, I always tell them to say “kill it”. 
I think that believing in luck is believing that something is un-attainable or un-realistic. Luck would insinuate that you need something other than just your own talent and drive to accomplish your personal goals. I firmly believe that if you can dream it, it will happen. 

Who is your favourite person
- Shawn Kemp. He made me feel proud to be from Seattle. How far he came from nothing, straight out of high school. Never drafted. Everyone doubted him. And he ended up being in the finals playing against Michael Jordan. Talk about dreams come true. 

- like my underwear? Or regular drawers? I don’t have drawers. Everything I have is hung. Underwear and socks are the only things I keep in my drawers….. and those are extremely tidy. 


Jo Koy, 02 Arena, Friday, May 3, buy tickets here.



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