Edinburgh Fringe Show Funded With OnlyFans Nude Pictures

Skins Star Funds Edinburgh Fringe Show With OnlyFans Nude Pictures

Megan Prescott – famed for her portrayal of Katie Fitch in Skins’ – has announced her latest artistic endeavour. As a fervent and vocal advocate for s*x worker rights, Prescott is debuting her one-woman theatre show ‘Really Good Exposure’ at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. A decade in the making, the play challenges stigma faced by s*x workers.

To finance this show and to draw attention to the financial barriers inherent in working in the arts, Megan will be funding her Edinburgh show by selling content on OnlyFans. She started her page during the pandemic and has been bracingly honest about how income from OnlyFans has enabled her to continue her acting, writing, and directing career. This, however, will be the first time she has ever sold full frontal, head-to-toe nude photos on the platform. Available exclusively through the actor’s own OnlyFans channel, the proceeds from the image will go towards the funding of the show, which itself challenges the taboos faced by adult creators.

And, in a knowing nod to the show that made her name, Megan has chosen to pay homage to one of her most iconic Skins images, but this time, entirely unclothed. Only 10 images of this limited-edition, entirely nude imagery will be sold on the platform.

Prescott’s one-woman show is partially inspired by her own personal experience of child stardom. The play follows the story of Molly Thomas, a former child star whose fame peaked in her teens; we first meet her later down the line as she realises her career has never matched the dizzying heights of her initial fame. Standing on the edge of her 30s, Molly looks towards the adult industry as a way to keep food on the table when acting work continually isn’t paying her bills. But will the stigma that comes with sex work  be too hard to handle?

Really Good Exposure

UNDERBELLY COWGATE, 5:20pm August 1st–25th (not 7th,13th, 20th) 60 minutes, 0131 510 0395 www.underbelly.co.uk

London Previews:Seven Dials Playhouse: 7.30pm, 26 June 2024 & 19 July 2024. Tickets on sale soon from www.sevendialsplayhouse.co.uk

Picture: Steve Ullathorne




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