NonCensored Podcast Cancels Holidays To Cover Election

Uncensored Podcast Cancels Holidays To Cover Election
NonCensored, the improvised satirical comedy podcast hosted by Rosie Holt (as Harriet Langley Swindon) Brendan Murphy (as Producer Martin) and Eshaan Akbar (as an awful version of himself), has cancelled its plans to go on hiatus over the summer; instead, it will be releasing DAILY in the week of the election, with new episodes released around lunchtime Monday 1st July-Friday 5th July. And then they'll go on hiatus.
NonCensored will be recording its 100th episode (and 101st episode) on Thursday 20th June at London's Museum of Comedy, with special guests Penny Mordaunt (Davina Bentley) and Lee Anderson (Will Sebag-Montefiore), and this - happening at the second anniversary of the podcast, which as nominated for Best Comedy at the the Radio Academy's 2023 Audio & Radio Industry Awards (ARIAs) - seemed like a sensible place to take a break. But after Rishi Sunak called a surprise election, we didn't want to miss out on the fun of the first general election campaign since NonCensored began.
Rosie Holt said, "This might be the last time Harriet Langley Swindon gets to complain about a Conservative government being too woke, so I'm delighted to be giving her a full week of shows to do that before she has to start complaining about a Labour government being too woke."
Guests confirmed include fan favourites Nadine Dorries (Sooz Kempner), Keir Starmer (Joz Norris) and Rishi Sunak (Rajiv Karia), the latter of whom have already taken part in a debate on the show, where they answered such questions as "Would you launch a nuclear missile?". 
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