Mad Ron Launches Podcast

Mad Ron Launches Podcast

Award winning comedy character Mad Ron is launching a brand new podcast called ‘Where Did It All Go Ron? The Mad Ron Podcast’, with the first full episode being released on Monday 17th June.

Mad Ron, Uxbridge's third Hardest man, first appeared on the comedy circuit in December 2015. Unconfirmed reports say that the criminal comic has now found himself locked up in HMP Nettlebed, getting only one call a week, and his partner Angela refuses to speak to him. 

As a result, Mad Ron has chosen to use his one call to recruit members of the comedy circuit to his gang. Mad Ron fears such a blatant approach would be frowned upon by the authorities, so he’s packaged it all up as a podcast. 

Potential recruits include Ignacio Lopez, Marcel Lucont, Will Robbins and Nicole Harris.

You can find the podcast here -


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