Adam Hills Makes Para-Standing Tennis Doc For Sky

 Adam Hills Makes Tennis Doc For Sky

In this one-hour special, Adam Hills tracks his efforts to bring more awareness to the sport of Para-Standing Tennis.

The comedian, who was born without a right foot, was a professional tennis coach before pursuing a career in stand-up comedy.

However, while he may have left his desire to be a professional sportsman behind, he nonetheless remains a lover of the sport – although he’s noticed it might not quite love him back as much as he hoped.

He, like thousands of other wannabe tennis players with disabilities, has found the sport to be lacking in accessibility.

While there has been growing attention for Wheelchair Tennis – with fixtures in the Paralympics and Grand Slams – there is little room for those who have the ability to walk.

In this documentary, Hills will meet with former Grand Slam winners and head to some of the most famous tennis locations in the world as he aims to make some noise about the growing popularity of Para-Standing Tennis and the need for better inclusivity.

Adam also gets stuck into some serious competition along the way, with the aim of achieving his life-long dream of becoming a World Champion.

He said: “At the moment the world of tennis feels like a building with an entrance for able-bodied people and an entrance for people in wheelchairs, but nothing for anyone in between.

“I’ve spent years searching for a way to play tennis against people like me, and at the age of 53, time may be running out.

“I want to play Para-Standing Tennis while I can, but I also want to make sure there’s a way for kids with disabilities to be able to play the sport they love, on a level playing field. I’ve got a pretty loud microphone, and I intend to use it.”

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