TV: Island of Dreams, BBC2

Writers Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie have previous when it comes to protraying the lifestyles of the rich and brainless. They wrote The Windsors for C4 and now turn their satirical and absurdist attention to some slightly lesser celebrities for this BBC pilot set on Richard Branson's sunny, swanky Necker Island with Harry Enfield playing Sir Dickie B in some scarily tight budgie smugglers and looking like a lost Bee Gee.

The island is packed with star guests forking out 30 grand a night, with the emphasis on them being utterly ridiculous and cartoonish. Adele (Morgana Robinson) is cockney and insecure, Daniel Craig (Tom Basden) is sulky and sly and unhappy about being typecast as James Bond. Daniel Radcliffe (Richard Goulding) is worried that his career is down the pan, while JK Rowling (Samantha Spiro, below) is sex-crazed, stroppy and has a strange West Country accent. Oh, an Al Murray plays an over-cocky Gregg Wallace, at one point in even smaller Speedos than the micro-ones Harry Enfield wears. Murray's performance is spot on, mainly because his head seems to be exactly the same shape as Gregg Wallace's head.

The intentionally ridiculous plot mixes the long forgotten Fantasy Island ("the plane, the plane!") with a hint of Lost and a bit of Stella Street  too as the celebs bump into each other as they go about their mundane business. There is certainly plenty going on – the cast also includes Jamie Demetriou literally dropping in as Elon Musk and Dustin Demri-Burns as a smiling, beatific Brian Cox – but whether it entirely works is another matter. Probably the best joke is the one about Virgin Trains being rubbish. Nice running gag. Or, given that the programme quips that the trains are a bit shit, maybe that should be non-running.

Watch Harry Enfield & Co in Island of Dreams here.


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