News: Big Break For Chris Ramsey (His Ankle)

News: Big Break For Chris Ramsey (His Ankle)

Strictly Come Dancing star Chris Ramsey has returned from hospital after breaking his ankle.

The accident happened when he was out exercising in the park and had a fall while running. He managed to get himself home in his car and then went to A&E.

The picture here was posted on Twitter on the Shagged Married Annoyed account- it's the name of the hit podcast he hosts with his wife Rosie.

The accident could not have come at a more difficult time. Apart from the Covid-19 crisis, Ramsey's wife Rosie has only just given birth to their second son Rafe via caesarian section, so life is a bit of a challenge in the Ramsey house right now.

Chris Ramsey was able to see the funny side though, tweeting: "Big shoutout to my Dad who wheeled me into A and E today with my broken ankle while singing “Never gonna dance again”. Cheers Billy!"

Picture: Twitter


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