Zoe Lyons Lightning Quiz Comes to An End

Zoe Lyons Returns To Host Second Series Of Lightning

Zoe Lyons has revealed that her quiz show Lightning will not be returning to BBC Two.

She posted the news on Instagram along with a picture of the shiny suit she wears in the show.

"Sadly all good quizes must come to an end but I can't tell you what a joy it was to work on @lightningquiz for @bbc2. We made 2 cracking series and I loved every second of working with my pals at BBC Belfast. Every single contestant was a star. Thanks for all your lovely messages and you can still catch up on @bbciplayer


Stay out of the Light and you'll be alright!! "

The early evening quiz mixed the traditional quiz show collide with gameshow, in a fast-paced and frantic format designed to leave contestants’ nerves in tatters.

Six challengers battled it out across six adrenaline-pumping rounds while a ruthless spotlight patrolled the studio eliminating contestants.

The challengers’ motivation was simple: do whatever it takes to stay out of the light to win the prize money.

Zoe Lyons said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be the host of Lightning. It’s a dream job for me as I’m a massive quiz fan and - unlike the contestants - I love being in the spotlight.”


Zoe Lyons Picture: BBC/Niceone/Fizz



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