New Trailer For Fourth Series Of Ghosts

TV: Ghosts, Series 4, BBC One

The fourth series of hit sitcom Ghosts starts on BBC One on September 23 at 8.50pm.

Mike and Alison welcome the first guests to their new bijoux B&B, determined to get a glowing review, whatever the cost.

Mary reveals she has never had a holiday, so Pat teaches her the joys and pitfalls of a week on the Costa Del Sol. The Plaguers have taken to idolising Thomas, since spotting Alison’s fetching portrait of him in the basement. Thomas naturally assumes their obsession stems from a love of his poetry - much to the annoyance of the Captain, who challenges them to endure a recital.

Pictured here are: The Plague Ghosts - Walter (BEN WILLBOND), John (JIM HOWICK), Agnes (LOLLY ADEFOPE), Nigel (LARRY RICKARD).

Ghosts picture credit: BBC/Monumental/Robbie Gray


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