TV: Am I Being Unreasonable? BBC One

TV: Am I Being Unreasonable? BBC One

Preview links for upcoming TV programmes often ping in with requests not to reveal spoilers these days but Am I Being Unreasonable? must break some kind of record. Previewers are requested not to reveal "that someone was xxx - that xxx was xxx - that xxx has xxx - that xxx is a xxx - that xxx has xxx - that xxx is an xxx - that xxx is embroiled in an xxx"

So what can we tell you? Daisy May Cooper stars as Nic, who has a nice house, nice sunglasses and some nice clothes but is stuck in a depressing marriage to Dan (Dustin Demri-Burns). Only her son, Ollie (Lenny Rush, Apple Tree House) who she adores, keeps her going. That and fiddling with her smartphone (please turn the clicker off...). But when newbie Jen (Selin Hizli, who co-created the series) arrives they hit it off and life seems to be looking up....

Except that as the first episode plays out, things are not quite what they seem. In fact given that some scenes appear to take place indoors in semi-darkness it is no surprise that there is a darker underbelly to this series, which straddles comedy and drama/thriller genres. 

The style is quite strange throughout. I think the technical term is hotch potch. There are light cuddly parenthood scenes, boozy musical montages straight out of Bridget Jones between Cooper and Hizli who are real-life frends and have an obvious rapport, flashbacks, all sorts of trickery keeping the narrative moving. Things are certainly never dull

Cooper's last major comedy role was with Tim Key in The Witchfinder which had mixed reviews and her part didn't turn out quite as big as I expected. But she is very much the dominant force here and a very different character to her breakthrough role as Kerry Mucklowe in This Country.

As I said, we can't say too much without risking a lifetime ban from the BBC press office. But let's just say that there is more than enough intrigue going on in the first episode to keep you watching...

Am I Being Unreasonable? BBC One, Fridays from September 23, 9.50pm. 


Pcture: BBC/Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/James Pardon



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