TV Review: Am I Being Unreasonable?, Episode 6, BBC One

TV: Am I Being Unreasonable? BBC One

But first a word or two of warning...The review below contains some spoilers but not the main ones so don't come crying to me if...Well, that was a heck of a ride. The full series of Am I Being Unreasonable? starring and co-created by Daisy May Cooper, has been online since the first episode went out six weeks ago but I've resisted watching the final 30 minutes. Until this afternoon, that is. 

And I was not disappointed one tiny bit. The series has been notable for teasing out plot possibilities and then sending the viewer off in the wrong direction. The final  episode continued that trend with knobs on. Turning everything upside down. Sort of.

Some of the goodies turned out to be baddies, some of the baddied turned out to be kind of goodies. And even poor traumatised Ollie, played brilliantly by Lenny Rush, pulled few shocking irons out of the fire (is it it out of the bag?)

Meanwhile Jen (Selin Hizli) was not quite as fruity loops as she seemed. Having had an explanation for her strange behaviour it all seemed a little more credible as things hurtled like an express train to their dramatic conclusion.

In fact there was so much to squeeze into this final episode there could have been a seventh episode to iron out some of the narrative wrinkles. To me Nic's (Daisy May Cooper) lover's behaviour and big reveal seemed a little out of the blue. But that did not undermine the drama at the very final showdown. No wonder Nic has been behaving so strangely over the last six weeks...

Brilliant script, brilliant performances. A few loose threads were definitely left hanging. Let's hope we get a second series* and can tie them up then. 

Read an interview with Lenny Rush who plays Ollie here

All of Am I Being Unreasonable? is available on iPlayer. 

Credit: Boffola Pictures/Alistair Heap

*Update: second series confirmed.



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