New Odd Food Podcast Fronted By Fern Brady

New Odd Food Podcast Fronted By Fern Brady

Launching on Thursday 28th of SeptemberWhat a Combo! is the ultimate feast for the ears: comedian Fern Brady invites some of her famous funny friends to tuck into the best (and worst) food combos going. 

From the sublime (chips dunked in milkshake), to the outrageous (watermelon and mustard), Fern knows there is no better – or funnier – way to get familiar with her celebrity guests than by uncovering the weird concoctions they gobble up when no one is watching. 

Knife and fork poised? The What a Combo! menu always has three dishes on offer; dishes that Fern and her guests actually sample on the podcast. First, guests' offer up their perfect Snacking Combo – think banana and peanut butter, delightful! Then, their Wild Combo is revealed – AKA their guilty pleasure – the food pairing they have been too ashamed to share with anyone else...until now. Finally, they try the Twisted Combo – an off the wall dish that’s gone viral online – cooked up by the ‘scientists’ at Twisted HQ to wow and shock Fern and her guest.

Some of this season's most Twisted combos...

Watermelon and mustard, as made famous by Lizzo

Apple pie and cheddar cheese

Swedish delicacy, banana pizza

Ice cream and chilli crisp

Biryani and Chocolate sauce, the Indian TikTok food sensation

Garlic bread and orange juice

Which flavour combos will wow and which will flop? Get ready for foodie fusions so oddly enticing, that you might just want to try them.

Guests tucking in this series include...

Nadiya Hussain

Tim Key 

Sindu Vee

Ivo Graham

Abi Clarke 

Jamali Maddix

And many more!

Fern Brady is one of Britain’s most exciting comedians – best known for TaskmasterLive at The Apollo and her Sunday Times best-selling memoir Strong Female Character. 

Why stop at food chat? Listeners can experience Fern's meals in all their peculiar glory over on the Twisted YouTube channel and watch What a Combo! episodes in full.



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