Daisy May Cooper Talks About Filming Sex Scenes

Daisy May Cooper Talks About Filming Sex Scenes

This Country star Daisy May Cooper has talked to Adam Buxton about the difficulties writing and shooting sex scenes in his latest podcast interview.

At one point Buxton was talking to Cooper about her most recent series Rain Dogs and asked her if she had ever done a sex scene.

"Yes," replied Cooper, "but you get an intimacy coach, which is so weird. You and the person who you've got to have a sex scene with will go into the rehearsal room with them. And first of all you've got to point out where you're comfortable with being touched and where you're not comfortable being touched. Oh, God, I mean, it's awful. Then what you do is you have a sort of weird balloon with about half of the air taken out of it and you basically have to put that in between your groin and then just sort of pretend to fornicate."

"So it forms a barrier, because I suppose people can get boners, so that you can't feel anything should that happen unexpectedly. That's weird isn't it."

"It's kind of a good idea I suppose" replied Buxton.  

"I have heard of some people that will say no, we want to go quite method with this and actually shag, " said Cooper. Though not her as it's already challenging enough. "It will never not be awkward when you've got loads of people. I mean, I've never questioned my sex noises until I've had to do it on screen."

Buxton asked Cooper if she had ever written a sex scene for someone else.

"I'll tell you what's really weird, because my dad played Kerry's dad in This Country and he (the character) is a bit of a pervert. So having to write monologues about his escapades was great for the character but weird because I was writing it for my dad."

Listen to the full Daisy May Cooper interview with Adam Buxton here.

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