Educating Daisy Returns For Second Series

Educating Daisy Returns For Second Series

A second series of Daisy May Cooper’s Educating Daisy has launched today exclusively on Audible.

In the second series of her Audible Original, Daisy has once again invited six more celebrity friends to try to convert her to become a reader by talking about their favourite novels. All episodes are out now.

This time Rylan Clark, Greg Davies, Tom Davis, Sindhu Vee, Danny Robins and Kerry Godliman hope to introduce her to a book that she can't resist. Between them they’re showering Daisy with some of the best writing you can buy, from classic American novels, to hot off the press new writing – but will anything persuade Daisy to put down Goosebumps and try something new?

Episode descriptions:

Greg Davies

Daisy’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks overlord – the Taskmaster himself - is a former English teacher.  He’s chosen a classic book he's taught to wayward teens – could this be the one to get Daisy going?  Daisy loves how Greg brings it to life with suggested casting, but is this Great American Novel just too wordy to get on her “must-read” list?

Tom Davis

We’re heading back to the age of buccaneers, with Wonka's Tom Davis.  He's chosen a swashbuckling tale of derring do, when when were men, and boys were cabin boys on pirate ships in search of buried loot.  It's certainly a book with a lot of promise - but will the anicent edition Tom has brought along put Daisy off?  

Sindhu Vee

Sindhu Vee (star of Matilda and The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh) has gone out on a limb with a new book from a new writer.  Will contemporary fiction work appeal to Daisy?  She certainly likes the title, though will her misunderstanding of the word "adjacent" put the brakes on before the she leaves the traps? 

Rylan Clark

This Morning host Rylan Clark manages a series first by bringing a book that Daisy has seen before.  She hasn't read it - but she has seen a You Tube video that explains it in 15 minutes.  Which might mean she doesn't have to read it.... That attitude might depress a less buoyant man, but Rylan is sure this classic self-help phenomenon is exactly what Daisy needs to inspire her to sit down and read. 

Danny Robins

King of Spooks Danny Robins, host of the hit Uncanny podcast, brings a characteristically chilling book.  Daisy loves all things ghostly - but will a classic horror book whet her appetite?  The book in question is a true masterpiece of the genre - and has spawned at least two film adaptations, as well as a popular television series. Will the promise of thrills and chills get Daisy leafing through the pages? 

Kerry Godliman

Comedian and actor Kerry Godliman (Whitstable Pearl, Afterlife) has heard that Daisy struggles to get going with books, and she's not a brilliant reader herself, so she's brought a classic piece of late 20th Century literary fiction that she absolutely loved when it first came out more than twenty years ago.  Will the tactical approach pay dividends, or has Kerry made a very basic error... 


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