New Ghost Book For Daisy May Cooper

New Ghost Book For Daisy May Cooper

Ghost-watching fan Daisy May Cooper has written a new book. Hexy B*tch will be published in time for Halloween.

More about it here:

"For as long as Daisy May Cooper can remember, she's been fascinated with the unexplained. Ghosts, spirits, tea leaves, astrological charts, paranormal activity - you name it, she's been obsessed!

In her hilarious new book, Daisy sets out to probe the otherworldly and investigate how her own experiences with forces we can't explain have influenced all parts of her life.

Armed with an open mind and ghost-hunting equipment from the dark web, she explores haunted houses, interrogates experts who claim they can communicate with the other side, reveals a brush with paganism that turned out to be a front for swinging, and digs in to her own spooky side.

It's like 'Scooby-Doo' meets 'Mystic Meg', via a portal to the afterlife in the back room of an Oxfordshire pub.

Containing stories that will make your hair stand on end, and some that will make you do a bit of wee with laughter... it's time to embrace the eerie, welcome in the weird and celebrate the spiritual.

Things are about to get HEXY, b*tch."

Pre-order here.


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