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Classic Interview: Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein has come a long way. It's not often I can say I knew an Emmy Award winner when they were a rookie comic but I can say that about Brett Goldstein. The British comedian/actor/writer has just won an Emmy for his performance as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso, which will no doubt push him on to greater heights in America. He's been on the way up for some time now.


News: Brett Goldstein Signs Up For US Anthology Series Co-Written With Black Mirror Writer

Comedian Brett Goldstein has signed up to co-write a major new American anthology series for cable network AMC

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Goldstein will be working alongside Will Bridges, who wrote the acclaimed Black Mirror episode USS Callister.


News: Comedians Sign Up For Dr Who

A number of top comedians are lined up to appear in the new series of Dr Who. 

The first episode starring Jodie Whittaker as the latest time-travelling hero went out last night and the end of the episode featured images of a number of familiar faces lined up to appear in upcoming episodes.


News: New Podcast From Brett Goldstein

Comedian/actor Brett Goldstein is to front a new podcast in which celebrities talk about their favourite movies - the ones they love so much they'd like to spend all eternity with them, hence the title Films To Be Buried With.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Brett Goldstein

  1. What is the last thing you do before you go onstage (apart from check your flies and/or check your knickers aren't sticking out of your skirt and check for spinach between your teeth)?

Pace up and down and remind myself that I am incredibly lucky to do this for a living and that I am living a dream and I should ignore the abject terror that is overtaking my body

2. What irritates you?


TV: The Pact, BBC2

This final BBC2 pilot has success written over it. The stars are Him & Her's Sarah Solemani and the devilishly handsome Brett Goldstein as two schoolfriends who make a deal aged 15 that if they are single at 35 they will get together. After the teenage opening we flash forward to the present day. Surely getting a decent romcom out of this basic plot should be a doddle. Apparently not.

News: US Sitcom Role For Brett Goldstein

British comedian Brett Goldstein has landed a role in a new NBC sitcom.


Video: Watch Brett Goldstein & Aisling Bea Just for Valentine's Day

A short film starring Brett Goldstein and Aisling Bea has been released online and is available to view only on Valentine's Day.

In Bullet To The Heart, co-written by Goldstein, Bea and director Jon Drever (who directed Goldstein in SuperBob) the two stars play a cop and a villain having a shoot-out in a warehouse. But at the same time they also seem to build up a bond which comes to a head when they take a break from the gunfire to share a ham and cheese sandwich.

News: Brett Goldstein Cast In US Comedy

British stand up/actor Brett Goldstein has been cast in a new comedy television pilot being made by HBO in America.

According to a Deadline report, A Lot is inspired by Maureen Dowd’s book Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide.


News: SuperBob Movie Gets Cinema Release

British indie movie SuperBob is to get a theatrical and video-on-demand release.


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