Interview: Katherine Ryan Discusses New Travel Show Joe & Katherine's Bargain Holidays

Comedian Joe Wilkinson loves a bargain and is dedicated to making as many savings as possible on holiday. Joe’s friend and fellow comedian Katherine Ryan loves to lap it up in luxury, but if she can live the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget, then she’s all ears. Now, in this six-part series, the pair are joining forces to show the Great British public how to have a fantastic holiday for a next to nothing price.


First look At Joe Wilkinson And Katherine Ryan's Travel Show

Katherine Ryan likes to enjoy the finer things in life but in a new Channel 4 series, her friend and fellow comedian Joe Wilkinson shows her how to getaway for less.

Joe and Katherine’s Bargain Holidays begins on Thursday 25 April at 10pm.


Review: Significant Other, ITVX

ITVX has been making a big noise about their upcming sitcom roster recently, suggesting that comedy is finally coming back to ITV. They've made a great start with Alan Carr's Changing Ends, but Significant Other is a different animal altogther. At times watching the first episode I wasn't even sure if it counts as a comedy.


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