The Myth of Woke Liberal Elite
One of the few blessings about lockdown – unremarked at the time – was that one no longer had to hear that maddening security announcement, broadcast with obsessive frequency by Transport for London... more
The Holden Girls, Tuesdays, 10pm, E4.
There might be more wince-making ideas for a comedy but none immediately spring to mind. In this new spoof documentary Amanda Holden's grandmother from Doncaster moves in with the talent show judge... more
An Evil Immortal Controlled My Life, by Charmian Hughes
When I was a kid, I saw a terrifying Hammer horror film about an immortal evil beautiful white queen of a lost African kingdom. In petrifying hissy fits, she throws screaming love rivals... more
comedy microphone
A recent study revealed that the accents that comedians have might play a part in their success with audiences at comedy gigs. 51 per cent of people polled thought that the London Cockney accent... more
comedy microphone
The famous Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once said that a march of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I don't know if there were comedy clubs around when he was growing up in China, but he... more
As life starts slowly but surely to return to normal in 2021 I'm getting excited. There are clear hints of green shoots of recovery when it comes to comedy, with clubs and promoters talking... more
Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Latest Update
At the time of writing it has not been confirmed whether the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will take place this year. After a lot of people hoped that it would happen in 2020 but almost all of the shows... more
Opinion: My Talking Head Coneback
If you tune into Five on Friday, January 1 from 9pm you will definitely see Michael McIntyre in their documentary, Michael McIntyre: In His Own Words. You might also see some of me if I've made the... more
2020 might be a year we want to forget, but there is one week that I will never forget. Maybe it was a premonition and like a squirrel storing up nuts I wanted to get some comedy in the bank, but the... more
The Myth of Woke Liberal Elite
Mrs Merton Meets Mrs MertonPaul Merton used to be married to Caroline Quentin, so her married name would be Mrs Merton.Caroline Aherne played a character called Mrs Merton.In real life Caroline... more
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