TV: Not Going Out, BBC One, with Lee Mack, Bobby Ball
Well I guess if one sitcom title sums up 2020 it's this one. And they've given us a sort of socially distanced lockdown episode to see out the old year and see in the new (albeit a day early) with... more
TV: Pandemonium – Christmas Special 2020, BBC One
It seems a bit presumptious that for some reason this one-off comedy is billed as a Christmas special on the BBC pictures website. It makes it sound as if it is following on from a hit series. But on... more
TV: Out Of Her Mind, BBC Two
Sara Pascoe’s self-penned new comedy is not backwards in coming forwards. As she says at the start,”I am going to destroy your faith in love.” Mrs Brown’s Boys this ain’t then. But it might just be... more
Preview: Gary McNair Interviews Steve Coogan, Shedinburgh Festival
Gary McNair interviews Steve Coogan tonight as part of the current Shedinburgh Festival – an alternative to the Edinburgh Fringe being streamed online from sheds in Edinburgh and London.McNair is in... more
This year, the biggest arts festival in the world is on hold. But this programme captures the spirit of Edinburgh and brings highlights of new shows and events from the Fringe, the Book Festival and... more
TV Review: Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing, BBC Two
Bob Mortimer was well on his way to National Treasure status even before his fishing series with Paul Whitehouse became a major hit. His work with Vic Reeves, his shaggy dog stories on Would I Lie To... more
TV: Harry Hill's World Of TV, BBC Two
Since TV Burp ended way back in 2012 we've been waiting for the next perfect Harry Hill vehicle. Harry Hill's Teatime, Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule and Harry Hill's Clubnite have all captured his... more
TV Preview: Famalam, BBC Three
The comedy sketch show where nothing is off limits is back. In episode one see how the E19 Posse are doing their bit for the environment, tune into an episode of Jamaican Countdown and watch as our... more
Preview: In The Long Run, Sky One
It's more likely that when you think of Idris Elba these days you think of him being rumoured to be the next James Bond than as a comedy star. If he is in the running for 007 it is for his hard man... more
The Kemps: All True sees Rhys Thomas OBE (Brian Pern, The Fast Show) interview Gary and Martin Kemp about their lives and careers following Spandau Ballet’s 40th anniversary celebrations.As well as... more
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